Organisationsforum Wirtschaftskongress

Cologne - Germany

about us

Who we are

We are a student-run company founded to accelerate dealing with the topics of tomorrow. Therefore, we bring together engaged students, corporates and companies while applying the knowledge we have gained in the university. In doing so, we create a large network and get the unique opportunity to think and act entrepreneurially innovative at this young age.

What do we want to reach?

Create a network

Together with our alumni and business partners, we constantly expand our network. By participating in various events, we meet new people and make valuable contacts for our later work life.

Learn & grow

By putting our energy for a full year into creating something special, we try to put the acquired theoretical knowledge into practice. In an environment that allows us to grow and learn from our mistakes, we prepare ourselves for the world of employment.

Show engagement

The context of the student-run company enables us to take on responsibility and to stand up for something we stand behind with passion. We can contribute our motivation for the cause and have the freedom to find our own way.

Think ahead & incorporate own ideas

Our aim is to give every dedicated student with visions and ideas the opportunity to contribute and develop them further. Our focus on the future development guides our actions in every process. Together, we combine our impulses and create something big.

What have we reached?

Our history